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Anti ageing benefits of exercise

As we age, we experience reduced muscle mass, and along with it...


Ante and post natal exercise

Anatomical changes that occur during pregnancy, as well as physiological ...



I would like to introduce you to BarreConcept - the hottest new workout...

Beverley Laird - personal trainer Knutsford

Reasons to hire a personal trainer

Beginning an exercise program can be difficult. Many people want to get fit, but don't know how to begin. Some can be intimidated by the thought of visiting a gym, others are confused about what exercises will train which muscles. People have so many questions regarding fitness and fitness training. How much or for how long should they be exercising? What foods should they be eating? Do I need to take supplements. A personal trainer will give advice in all these areas and will provide you with sensible and sustainable fitness advice.

Why hire a trainer …..?

  • To receive effective, balanced workouts.
  • To have a professional motivate and encourage you to adhere
  • To have a point of reference on nutritional matters and lifestyle choices.
  • To have a step by step guide to your results.
  • To have fun whilst training – it is allowed!!


Registered Exercise Professionals

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