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Anti ageing benefits of exercise

As we age, we experience reduced muscle mass, and along with it...


Ante and post natal exercise

Anatomical changes that occur during pregnancy, as well as physiological ...



I would like to introduce you to BarreConcept - the hottest new workout...

Beverley Laird - personal training Knutsford

Beverley Laird Personal Training in Knutsford

Beverley Laird brings a fresh, innovative approach to personal training in Knutsford. Many people are excited about the prospect of personal training in Knutsford but quickly become disheartened by various obstacles. Happily, most of these obstacles can be overcome with the help and assistance of a professional and positive fitness expert. Beverley has many years of experience helping all sorts of people acquire their goals and achieve their own personal lifestyle targets.

A Unique Fitness Instructor in Knutsford

There is more to obtaining your fitness goals than just plain, straightforward exercising; more is needed. True physical and mental balance requires a determination and enthusiasm for maintenance a healthy lifestyle rather than just engaging in a flash in the pan approach. Beverley Laird is an enthusiastic, considerate person who is truly passionate about what she does. As a fitness instructor in Knutsford she specialises in providing motivational exercise programmes which, when complemented with an appropriate nutritional guide, will guarantee a noticeable change in your body and mind.

Finding the Right Personal Trainer in Knutsford

Finding the right personal trainer in Knutsford  is easier than you may think. Beverley enjoys providing helping people of all ages attain their ideal fitness, a few examples of this is her specialised anti-ageing as well as ante and post natal exercise plans. She understands that being a personal trainer in Knutsford means listening to you, understanding what you want, need, and more importantly, helping you to attain your lifestyle goals.

Simple yet Effective Ante and Post Natal Exercise

If you are considering embarking on a programme of ante and post natal exercise, you should firstly be assured that Beverley is entirely qualified to care for you and your baby. Ante and post natal exercise is so important for not only your immediate health but can also drastically improve your recovery time. This means that you will be better equipped to face the physical demands of having a new baby. Also with a little added assistance from Beverley as your personal trainer in Knutsford it won’t be long before you’re back into your favourite jeans.

Healthy and Balanced Nutrition Advice in Knutsford

Without a healthy pattern of nutritional advice, no system of physical training will give you the long term benefits that you are looking for. As well as a fitness instructor in Knutsford Beverley also has a wealth of knowledge and practical experience in designing personalised nutrition advice in Knutsford for her many clients. She is always happy to take the needed time to discuss the ideal system of balancing the foods you like and the foods you need to perfectly enhance your physical efforts. 


Registered Exercise Professionals

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