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Anti ageing benefits of exercise

As we age, we experience reduced muscle mass, and along with it...


Ante and post natal exercise

Anatomical changes that occur during pregnancy, as well as physiological ...



I would like to introduce you to BarreConcept - the hottest new workout...

Beverley Laird - personal trainer Wilmslow

A Refreshing Approach to Personal Training in Wilmslow

Most people are too busy to sign up to the commitment of a long term gym membership and yet still have the need to enjoy regular exercise. This is why personal training in Wilmslow is becoming so sought after. Personal Training in Wilmslow is affordable and extremely flexible allowing you to benefit from professional and supervised work outs in places and times convenient to you.

Finding the Right Personal Trainer in Wilmslow for You

Having a personal trainer in Wilmslow is no longer a luxury enjoyed only by the rich and famous. Now most people are able to afford a good personal trainer in Wilmslow to help them make the most of their exercise regime. Beverley Laird is a particularly skilled personal trainer in Wilmslow who can help you concentrate your time and efforts in a positive direction so as to reap the greatest rewards.

The Ideal Fitness Instructor in Wilmslow for Women and Men

No matter what your age group or current fitness, Beverley Laird is one of the best fitness instructors in Wilmslow who you could hope to find. Experienced, enthusiastic and empathetic she can help you realise your health and fitness goals. Unlike other fitness instructors in Wilmslow Beverley Laird does more than just focus on the physical exercise element of health. Her health programmes also include the additional benefits of wise nutritional advice as well as analysing your goals and your abilities. This is all combined to create a routine unique to yourself and as it’s designed with specifically you in mind you can be assured of the best results.

Ante and Post Natal Exercise

Having a baby is one of the greatest experiences a woman will go through but it is also one of the most stressful-to the mind and body. By engaging in properly managed and safe ante and post natal exercises you can ensure better health for you and your baby. Not only will ante and post natal exercises useful for a smooth and easy labour but is also extremely beneficial in contributing to a swift recovery.

Specialised Nutrition Advice in Wilmslow

In addition to Beverley’s many talents she is also experienced in providing excellent nutrition advice in Wilmslow. The secret is in creating effective yet realistic programs of eating; if a menu is too bland or strict the incentive to stick to it will diminish. With Beverley you can be assured of receiving insightful nutrition advice in Wilmslow balanced with a love of good and delicious food.


Registered Exercise Professionals

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