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Anti ageing benefits of exercise

As we age, we experience reduced muscle mass, and along with it...


Ante and post natal exercise

Anatomical changes that occur during pregnancy, as well as physiological ...



I would like to introduce you to BarreConcept - the hottest new workout...

Beverley Laird - personal trainer Knutsford

About Beverley

I love my job and am extremely passionate about my clients. I am good at what I do and guarantee you will be looked after and get the results you want in a way that works best for you. I bring to the table a huge enthusiasm for exercise to help my clients in achieving their goals and provide motivation and encouragement to clients to adhere to exercise as part of a life change. I find that engaging in a bit of banter makes the exercise sessions a lot more tolerable, some would even say fun!

I provide a home training service to a number of clients; I also enjoy working at Cottons Leisure Club in Knutsford providing Personal Training to Members. I am involved in advising and developing a health and weight loss project connected with Spires Hospital Manchester.

I offer clients a trusted and comprehensive guide to health and fitness and I practice what I preach.


  • BSc (Hons) Psychology
  • CYMCA Personal Training Certificate
  • CYMCA Gym Instructor Level 2
  • CYMCA Advanced Instructor Level 3
  • CYMCA Nutrition & Weight Management Level 3
  • CYMCA Training In Different Environments Level 3
  • CYMCA Fitness & Lifestyle Assessment Level 3
  • CYMCA Level 3 Ante and Post Natal Instructor
  • Wright Foundation GP Exercise Referral Instructor
  • First Aid at Work
  • Kettlebell Instructor Training (Premier Training International)


Registered Exercise Professionals

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